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Quantum Paranormal:

A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena

The Only Paranormal Book in the World that Technical Specialists agree with

Patrick Jackson Bio

Patrick Jackson is an I.T Specialist predominantly in the area of reverse engineering. Over the years, he has used the same thought process on the Paranormal Phenomena.

His findings, have been defined as ground breaking, said to be the biggest leap in paranormal research in over two centuries.

The analysis directly identifies the root cause of global poltergeist activity, models how it operates and reasons behind it - backed up with hard data - explaining behaviours and physical effects.

His newly released book, titled 'Quantum Paranormal: A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena is widely recognized to be the only paranormal book in the world that technical specialists agree with.

New book by I.T Specialist and paranormal investigator Patrick Jackson

A book that cuts away the dogma and identifies the root cause of paranormal activity

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front cover of Patrick Jacksons debut book, Quantum Paranormal:A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena
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